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Download FL Studio 6 Full Version

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Pagi ini niatnya saya share sebuah aplikasi yang sering saya pakai dalam penggarapan musik teatrikal. tapi sebenernya, aplikasi ini ga cuma bisa di pakai untuk teatrikal kok... bisa juga buat genre musik yang lain.
*ini gratis loh ya... 
baca dulu reviewnya.....
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Fruity Loops FL Studio 6
Detailed Review

Fruity Loops FL Studio 6 - click to enlarge

The new Fruity Loops FL Studio 6 competes with the big, established recording packages

The developers of Image-Line software were quite busy. It is obvious that they don't want to stop at having programmed the most popular software for Hip Hop and Dance music on the Internet.
They now seem to go for the top of music production software. You actually can do almost anything now with FL Studio 6, but just a little different than with other programs.
Of course it's not as easy to handle than at it's beginning. If you want to use all of its functions, it takes quite a while and some persistence to learn this now pretty complex program.
The main difference, what sets it apart from other recording programs, is the unique structure. It is the ideal sequencer/recording program for all the people that liked the old pattern oriented sequencers, like "Notator" on the Atari.
Nobody has ever written a program for them after the boom of tape oriented software like Cubase started. With this programs you could easily build up a song structure while adapting it or changing it in detail was tedious work.
If you want, you can work strictly pattern oriented like in the old days, but with a lot of additional power.
But Fl Studio 6 brings you the best of both worlds. It is definitely the program for those who want to mix a pattern style with a straight tape-like approach.
If you are strictly tape oriented with no ambitions however to use patterns, there are programs that make it easier for you just because of it's basic structure.
This software became so complex and it has so many features that I decided to write a more detailed review this time.
Now enough rambling, let's start with facts.

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